Current News

The Junior League of Eugene is proud to announce a new lineup of community enrichment projects. 

Our two year research and development process brought the League to a new focus: At-Risk Youth, specifically those affected by or at risk of human trafficking and homelessness.

 Community members can expect to see a human trafficking awareness brochure created in partnership with Eugene Police Department.  The brochure will be available to law enforcement, medical, school and transit personnel as well as parent groups and other community non-profits.

Please join us in the fight against cancer!  Once again we have formed a Junior League of Eugene team to walk at the Relay for Life event.  We will be walking in honor of Junior League members and their families who have fought, are fighting, or will fight cancer.  Relay for Life is about raising awareness of cancer in the community.  The event will be held July 24-25 from noon to noon.  This year the event will be held at the Sports Park at Willamalane Center.

Tentative plans are to have our team participate on Friday evening, July 24th from 6:00 pm to midnight (and no you do not have to walk the entire time.)

The 2014-15 New Member class of Junior League held a successful Human Trafficking Awareness Event on April 15th at The Wildish Theater in Springfield. 

With just under 100 people in attendance, the evening’s program focused on educating the public on the presence of human trafficking within the local and extended community. 

Human Trafficking is a broad term referring to the illegal trade of people for labor or commercial sexual exploitation.   It is a largely hidden crime, because victims rarely come forward to seek help due to fear of the trafficker and/or fear of law enforcement.

The Fundraising and Event Planning committee pulled of f a fantastic fundraising Rummage Sale at the end of April, raising a total of over $4,200 in the one-day event.

In addition to far exceeding their original fundraising goal of $3,000, the committee also says it was a great opportunity to share with community members what it is that Junior League is doing for the community.

“We really tried to engage with everyone who donated on just how important their donations were, and what work Junior League is in the community,” said chair Amy Londahl.

It has been a terrifically productive spring for the ladies of JLE!  As our primary fall projects came to a close, we continued to reach out to our community partners, seeking out new opportunities for service.  We offered our members the opportunity to service our community in a short term way, while showing our community that YES, we ARE an organization of dedicated women leaders & volunteers who want to make a difference!

More recent news from Junior League of Eugene

Sibling Reconnect Day

On Sat May 3rd The Junior League of Eugene held their Sibling Reconnect day!! It was such a great day, there were 30 kids from 11 different families that had a very memorable day of fun, crafts, playground time and food.

The Scrap Books were the main event and the support from The Artist Palette, other local donors and Junior League sustainers made it happen!!!
Blue Bus Creative came with their photo booth and the kids dressed up in silly Hats, wigs, large glasses, masks etc. and got their pictures taken and developed within seconds!
There were face painters that donated their time and created all sorts of cool face images that kiddos really got into. Everything from zombies and bats to butterflies and rainbows.
Junior League members provided snacks at the beginning, good sources of energy food like bananas,  string cheese, chips, yogurts and bottled waters. Along with a goodie bag with Frisbee, footballs, bthrm toiletries, etc.

Track Town Pizza donated 5 giant pizzas along with Junior League purchasing 5 for later in the day meals.
While talking to some of the foster parents it was apparent that this event was very special to the foster families and their kids. Mainly because their kids had a day to just be kids while being together with siblings and family in a fun, stress free atmosphere.In wrapping up the day the scrap books were a success. A nice memento that the kids really enjoyed and will be able to add onto and continue with other pictures, drawings and special moments they have.